Welcome to the
Conservative Chalkboard

A Primer

The intention of this site is to educate on the history of conservatism, advance conservative thought, defend the conservative position and be a place for the conservative, Christian voice.

Conservative thought has traditionally ambled along the sidelines of public opinion, being of little interest to populist shapers because of its perpetually contemplative nature which rarely emerges to compete with the popular desire for rapid, trendy change. However, it is fair to say that the last quarter of a century of liberal, progressive reign over the American political and economic system has left the country in such unrest that conservative solutions may enjoy a renewed appeal by offering the electorate an alternative to the liberal policy dominating today’s culture. If conservatives are prepared to offer imaginative, reasonable solutions to current challenges, conservative thought might reach the hearts and minds of the electorate.

An unorganized, undirected intellectual renewal of conservative thought began taking root in America in that late 1940s and early 1950s.  Similar to today’s political climate, main stream politicians (Republican and Democrat) were disinterested in entertaining conservative solutions and the media was even less attracted (although periodically conservative writers penetrated the citadel and were occasionally offered a forum in major publications). But over the last thirty years as progressive liberalism has pushed radical, rapid change on the American culture, conservative instinct has also crept forward as a counterbalance.

While the human spirit inherently thirsts for fierce change, the conservative impulse is quite the opposite, not quick to dispense with the old, believing that heritage is the very essence of the wisdom and truth ferreted out over millennia of the human experience. Conservatism does not find its hope in visions of utopia, radical extremism or normalization of oddities but rather defends that life is worth living because it is through life that the decency of civilization is preserved for posterity. The past instructs the future on the essence of human civilization and by embracing a belief such as this, conservatism naturally takes a long view contemplating matters beyond winning elections (not to diminish the importance of elections).

The troubled seas in which we find ourselves lends an opportunity to inject conservative thought into the wandering spirit of the drifting popular culture. Offering fresh imaginative solutions to burdensome debt and taxation, oppressive political centralization, propagandism of the education system, disintegration of our great cities, surge of violent crime, and decay of traditional institutions of marriage, community and church could allow conservative principles to nourish the American spirit. While recognizing the “movement” will never walk in lock step, unification rests on a body of guiding principles:

    • belief that a moral order exists outside of human contrivance
    • contention that humans should formulate laws and customs in conformity with that independent moral order
    • that conformity to moral order creates the best situation for human comfort and is the best antidote against suffering
    • confidence in the principles outlined in the American Constitution
    • attachment to limited representative government
    • vigilant, constant suspicion of central power
    • love of country extending back to the forefathers and forward to posterity

Is it the moment in American history when conservatism must come forth from the shadows with prudence, reason and compassion to reorder and refresh our civilization so as to offer a healthier society for those yet to come?  Time will tell if this passionate movement will deliver on this charge. This website hopes to assist in some small way.