The Republic: Do you want to keep it? Here’s what it takes.

Constitutional, Christian conservatives are awake.  It is difficult to be sentient (finely sensitive in perception or feeling) and intellectually honest yet not recognize the full frontal attack on the Christian, traditional American way of life.  In an effort to thwart the assault, the conservatives has become ever more involved with the political process: vetting and campaigning for candidates, fundraising, creating self-supporting enterprises to offset opposition, lobbying and voting;  in other words, doing what is possible through the civil, democratic process. Yet, with the exception of several significant but isolated measures, little has happened in the way of bringing America back around to her founding principles.  What else can be done?  Why are we failing?  The answer is neither a mystery nor complicated rather it is an assignment of conviction, hard work and commitment; an assignment to lift ourselves from the depths of depravity and ignorance where we find ourselves today.  Our system of self-government requires a moral and religious people and therefore without discipleship of the American population, the American republic as it was founded is doomed to fail.

I.  At the Hands of Freedom

Out of the gate, let it be said:  America is not and never was a perfect place.  America has a flawed history with flawed leaders and flawed heroes. There are flawed citizens and tragic events splattered throughout our history.  Period. 

From that starting point, America was also blessed with some brilliant, highly-motivated individuals who united in challenging circumstances to ultimately create the first fully conceptualized experiment in self-government.  The experiment was designed to determine if under certain conditions, people could actually support self-rule.  232 years later the experiment is hanging by a thread.  The reason for this is not due to a lack of civic engagement.  Many have committed themselves to support proper functioning of the government by attempting to elect the “right” people, to confirm the “right” judges, to create the “right” laws and yet the country continues to devolve into immorality, corruption and chaos.  The reason for this is that the American population has ceased to be discipled;  has ceased to be evangelized to embrace the ideals, morals and principles that are necessary provisions for self-governance.  The exercise of self-government requires a people who are self-restrained, temperate and moral, thus the experiment in liberty may only exist over time if each generation continuously disciples the population in biblical principles.  While this is not a recipe of exclusion (other ingredients may be added), it is, a recipe that requires commitment to fundamental ingredients.  Religion and morality are the essential, non-negotiable ingredients necessary for self-government.

John Adams made this point abundantly clear:

“We have no Government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.  Avarice, Ambition, Revenge and Galantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net.  Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

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Normalizing the Abnormal: Transgenderism


How did culture go down the rabbit hole?

What began in the 1950s as a realization that .3% of the population suffers from a desire to live life as the opposite sex has morphed into a movement seeking to universally redefine  the boundaries of biological sex and normal sexual attraction.  These are profound statements because the ideas are equally as profound.  The transgender movement, as the latest manifestation of the sexual revolution, seeks to uproot biological, scientific, Christian truths which have served as the critical infrastructure of the American culture.  Dr. Jane Robbins offers a snapshot of events that led to the deviancy seizing today’s American culture.  She submits:

“The denial of human nature began with the birth-control pill’s decoupling of sex from reproduction.  That led to the separation of sex from marriage, which dissolved restraints on non-marital sexual activity and non-marital childbearing.  A family of mother and father was no longer considered necessary for creating children, which meant there was nothing special about the maleness and femaleness of romantic partners. Enter Obergefell, which by discovering homosexual marriage as a constitutional right obliterated even physical, biological distinctions between the sexes.  And if there is no meaningful distinction, a human being should not be confined to one sex but rather should be inherently capable of moving between the sexes or stopping somewhere in the middle.” 

Thanks to the sexual revolution the post-modern push to decouple modern society from all traditional moorings is ripe for acceptance and proliferation.  Whereas, in the past when a young girl struggled with depression, confusion, mental problems, she would rely on support from family or friends, church or even school, now she seeks help through contacts on the Internet and social media.  She may easily become convinced that a new identity will deliver the happiness and comfort she craves.  These lonely, lost children receive support from their online “friendships” who recommend they demand consultation with “gender specialists” or threaten suicide. (For accounts from parents, see  Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria). The medical community as well as the public school community facilitate appointments and so begins the road to transition.  

Omnipresence of the Phenomenon

With fifty years of nudging culture away from traditional morality, the ground is fertile for sowing seeds of dysfunction and as such the transgender revolution has seeped into essentially every major American institution.

    • Government- state and national legislative, executive and judicial branches are expeditiously writing into law preferred policies of activists without meaningful considerations to unintended consequences or oppositional viewpoints; one example is the present political pressure to reform the Civil Rights Act of 1965 to include “gender identity”.  And while legislatures around the country breathlessly reform existing law to include “gender identity” protections, they are simultaneously banning “conversion therapy.”  The practice has been associated with unorthodox practices in the past but today conversion therapy takes the form of psychological consultation addressing a patient’s unwanted sexual attraction desires.  It is biological sex-affirming therapy.  Conventional wisdom suggests only “gender affirming” …
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Creation and Evolution in Public School Classrooms

Creation and Evolution in Public School Classrooms:  why can’t we talk about both?

One problem many American parents have with the public school system is the secular, progressive curriculum that seems to have taken over with no accommodation for differing viewpoints.  The progressives, in cooperation with a faction of mainstream America, have declared their values and viewpoints as America’s cultural foundation leaving little room for  other points of view; particularly what they view as old, crusty and conservative.  Having had the upper hand due to the frailty of the conservative movement, American education has shifted to the progressive left manifesting in the elimination of some classic western literature from student reading lists,  Howard Zinn’s rendition of American history being part of the history curriculum,  and evolution remains the only theory of human existence to which public school children are exposed.   Unfortunately, the tug of war for our children’s minds doesn’t appear to be alleviating any time soon.  On the matter of evolution versus creation, why can’t both theories be taught?  Allow the students through research, experience and critical thought to draw their own conclusions?  What is the harm?  While it is unlikely humans will ever fully understand the origins of their creation, the human possession of reason incites a nagging curiosity to try. 

American children attending the public school system are taught the origin of man lies in evolution.  That at a single moment in time, a Big Bang phenomenon occurred creating a one-celled organism. That single cell went on to grow, divide and become a multitude of different species which inhabit the planet. Among those species inhabiting the planet was the ape family which, over time, acquired consciousness and reason and developed into a creature  superior to any of its counterparts.  The evolutional process attributes no intellectual design to the phenomenal leap in development from a single cell to multiple species or the transition of an average mammal transforming into a being of the superior intellect.  Evolution explains these phenomenon as having occurred through a blind process of natural selection. 

To briefly entertain the concept of evolution, one might offer the example that some bacteria survive a round of antibiotics, they mutate and return immune to the antibiotic essentially becoming a new bacteria capable of dominating and multiplying.  If one were to offer this as an example of “evolution” then, by this definition, this type of evolution, or mutation, can unquestionably be confirmed to occur in nature.  This is understood to be microevolution (see below*). However, what has not been observed in the evolutionary process is a species turning into another type of species.  A bacteria doesn’t evolve into an insect.  This is macroevolution (see below**) and there is no evidence for this phenomenon. 

But outside of the inquiry into human origin, there remain other matters that have not been sufficiently addressed by evolutionary theory.  A theory that acknowledges no intellectual design,  in other words no Creator, must still grapple with other unexplained facts.  For example, an unfathomably …
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The Rational Concern: HR6666

HR 6666, otherwise known as the TRACE Act (COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone Act), has garnered a great deal …
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Finally, A President Who Understands the Threat of EMP (and is willing to act on it)

        For many years voices have been warning that severe, debilitating damage to America’s electrical grid could …
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